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We have a very good appreciation for the way we have been helped. We received a good explanation about the bikes and were able to make a nice test drive.

Jan Verheer


Excellent. After a first extensive test drive on various models at a caravan show we were well informed and ordered two bikes.

Polly Gray


Because we do not prefer to transport our city / tour electric bikes on the back of the car or caravan, we recently bought 2 Beixo electric folding bikes.



Great bikes, those Beixo electric folding bikes, certainly for seniors to tour. The touring handlebars are a great extra. We ride the, for two years now, without any problems.



Amazing bike, it is truly a joy to ride!!

Jonah Van Royen

I live in the city and London being very busy it is not very practical to have a car. My crosstown might be the best investment I have made in a while.



I bought this bike about half a year ago and I ride it 4 times a week. Because of my size (1.90m) I was skeptical at first, but it is no problem at all to get from A to B quickly. Adjustable stem and surprisingly long seat post are fine, however.


Cycles well and smoothly, very easy to fold in and out, gear and drive belt work great.


As of July 1, the price of the Compact Electra will increase, among other things, due to the high transport costs. We have been able to keep up with our prices for a long time, but we have now come to a conclusion that we too have to increase the prices of this model bicycle. The old price was €1999,00 and has been increased to €2099,00.