Folding bikes

The folding bikes of beixo are very simple and compact. All our bikes are equipped with a cardan shaft or a belt drive, these 2 alternate powertrains make us stand out from all the other folding bikes. Both powertrains are a very clean option compared to the normal bicycle chain. You can take these bikes free in public traffic, so that is one reasons why our bikes are perfect to take to work or school. Our folding bikes are very simple to fold and unfold, you can do it everywhere at every time.

All our bikes are based on the same strong frame. We have two different types of bikes, the electric and the non-electric bikes. The bikes that we have are the; beixo Compact, beixo Crosstown and the Pyōra. The Compact bikes have a cardan shaft, the crosstown and Pyōra have a belt drive. You can get the beixo compact in electric and non-electric version. This also applies for the beixo crosstown. the Pyōra is the only non-electric folding bike that we have.