Easy lifting, fast folding and sharp turns cycling

The ideal portable bike

On the train, motorhome, folding trailer, car, caravan and boat. Also for taller people.

What fine service in the beixo showroom! After careful study internet ended up with the crosstown. As a cook on board sailing ships, I always need something when we dock but the shops are always further away from the docks. After 1 season I never want to be without this handy and reliably sturdy folding bike.

Caro , Amsterdam

I bought this folding bike at the end of 2018 after a test ride at the beixo showroom in De Bilt. I have actually barely had any maintenance on the bike (just adjusting or replacing the brakes). Several times covered distances >25km on this bike, quite heavily packed, and experienced no problems.

Philippe , Utrecht

Very nice company. Very personal approach.

Ardina and Dion Huisjes , Loppersum

This past summer I bought two beixo electric folding bikes without chain, the Compact low model and the Crosstown, both so electric. They like them very much what strikes me is that the bikes have a strong frame, so they don't wobble. Both bikes already have over 500 km on the counter....

Ronald and Tilly Sandee , Heerhugowaard

Quick response via email, clear explanation about bike on delivery. Very good products with nice designs.

H. Oldenbroek , Gulpen

Particularly reliable e-folding bike. Also special because 2 e-folding bikes fit in the boot of a car. Very convenient if you want to cycle further away from where you live. The shaft drive makes these bikes almost maintenance-free. The bikes are amazingly stable and very easy to handle. The bikes are technically perfect with a good and clear control panel.

Janny de Schepper , Eefde

Bought two beixo electric folding bikes this past summer, the Compact low model and the Crosstown both electric. They like them very much what strikes me is that the bikes have a strong frame so they don't sway.

Paul Beeftink , Landsmeer

These people preceded you in chainless existence

beixo (electric) folding bikes without chain are produced locally

For these 5 reasons you want a folding bike

Plus, at least with beixo's your bike chain doesn't fall off. So no dirty hands!