About beixo

No chain. No talk.

The most striking thing about beixo is its drive shaft. A proven drive technology that we revived in 2005. And saying goodbye to the fat chain. The weak link of many bicycle designs. We make for more than 15 years Chainless (folding) bikes for people who want to pedal (many) kilometres without any problems and comfortably. We consciously opt for durability and low maintenance. Designing for ease of use and pleasure of use. No more and no less. Not 'look at me cycling' but 'look at me cycling'. The result, a bicycle that some beixo riders like to talk about, but which doesn't need any talking.

Urban Bike Concepts

Beixo® is a brand of Urban Bike Concepts bv. launched with the aim of marketing innovative urban and folding bikes. Urban Bike Concepts delivers to share bike projects at home and abroad.