Going on holiday with an electric folding bike

A electric folding bike as a standard holiday bike, you see it more and more often. And not just among true campers, even day trippers benefit from its versatility, convenient use and all the other advantages. Are there actually any disadvantages compared to a standard electric bike?

The folding bike, traditionally most people know it from the train. Commuters who skitter away as they leave the station, leaving you waiting at the bus stop. The folding bike, the wobbly cousin of your real bike: wheels just too small to sit stably, the design just too flimsy to invite a nice long ride.

Small but with the advantages of a holiday bike

But that used to be the case: with the compact Dutch bike brand beixo has introduced a bike that rides like a normal bike. Small wheels yes, but at 20 inches not so small that it rides unstable. A folding bike yes, but equipped with a tremendously solid frame. And with the right touring handlebars and a comfortable saddle, it feels like a normal holiday bike. And did you know that the leasing an electric bike is very simple these days?

With a compact electra high above the Moselle, the ideal holiday bike for in hilly areas.
A high viewpoint, no problem with the compact electricity.

Ideal to take on the train for free, have in the car with you for that last stretch into a busy expensive city centre. Especially if it is electric, it is a perfect holiday bike to make your holiday more enjoyable.

An E-bike is heavy

The Dutch are used to their electric bikes by now. And if it is missed anywhere, it is on holiday. But then again, how do you get the electric bike to your holiday destination? The hassle of putting an electric bike on a carrier does not really entice. Getting a bike on it anyway: a carrier on the roof requires effort to lift the bike up high, and a carrier on the back is not an option for most people either.

An electric bike is just too heavy for many people to lift. Once on the carrier, the bike is exposed to the elements, can be damaged, and at stops along the way, you also have to keep an eye out that a miscreant doesn't steal the bike. A bike on a carrier also disturbs the balance of the car and/or caravan. Hang two electric bikes on your caravan and you notice it immediately. Driving will not be any more pleasant and with every car you overtake you feel: I'm in a lot of trouble! less stable on the road.

compact seaside bike, the ideal holiday bike for the beach
A punishing sea breeze is no longer a punishment

Electric holiday bike without lubrication

And that's where the electric folding bike comes in: when folded, it doesn't need to be on a carrier, it can simply be put in a stable spot in the caravan or motorhome, or better still, on the back seat of the car. With the beixo Compact electra with drive shaft you don't have to worry about your upholstery getting dirty. After all, a cardan shaft does not shed, the grease and oil are safely on the inside. The folding bike has all the advantages of an electric holiday bike, but is much lighter and easier, also the electric folding bike can be stored in more places.

Arriving at the destination will soon reveal what worlds open up with an electric folding bike. On a campsite, it is an ideal mode of transport to the campsite shop or towards the nearby village for that archetypal French morning baguette. Slightly less glamorous but also nice: the ride to toilet block or washroom on larger campsites is a lot more pleasant and faster.

Always a hand at the back

Extensively exploring the surroundings of that Italian campsite is often a bit disappointing with hills and mountains. We are not used to these height differences, but an electric folding bike rider does not care. With the assistance, you always have a hand at your back pushing you, so to speak. People who cry that an electric holiday bike makes you lazy are in most cases more than wrong. In practice, electric riders often actually ride more, the barriers are gone. Wind against doesn't matter, uphill is no big deal, what remains is that riding is just fun.

Suddenly, that Portuguese region where your campsite is located is much easier and more extensive to explore. For people who have usually seen it after ten kilometres in the sweltering Spanish sun, a forty-kilometre day trip is now in the offing. With relatively little effort, you'll make it anyway. You get to places you wouldn't easily get to by car. Suddenly, the end point of that long Greek boulevard is accessible to you too. Don't worry about getting too tired, supported by the engine the folding bike will bring you back.