E-Bike Battery Safety Case, essential for the responsible traveller

Travel safely with your bike battery? Recently added to beixo's range: the C-Parts E-Bike Battery Safety Case. This is the first mobile safety case on the market. You can use the case to safely store two bicycle batteries. Thus, this case is ideal to use when, for example, you go on holiday with your electric bikes and want extra security.

The batteries seem harmless, but in reality they are highly susceptible to short circuits. Without panicking: using lithium-ion batteries is not without risks. They have a very high energy density, no memory effect and low self-discharge. But what exactly are the risks and how do you prevent accidents?

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that there has been a lot of fuss recently about batteries of electric bikes and smartphones spontaneously catching fire or even exploding. This resulted in electric bikes catching fire while charging. For example, at these people In Almelo.

Especially charging at night

Since electric bikes are used during the day, the batteries are often charged overnight. This is unattended and the batteries are left on the charger for a long time after they are fully charged. This increases the risk of overheating.

But a battery can also ignite and explode separately from the charger. Batteries of an electric bike, for instance, spontaneously caught fire at bicycle shops in Ede and Delft when no one was present. The fire caused extensive damage.

Chain reaction

The annoying thing about a lithium battery is that when one of the cells catches fire, the others follow. A chain reaction ensues. Moreover, because of the cell's chemical properties, extinguishing is extremely difficult. And extinguishing with water only makes things worse.

The safety case is equipped with special non-combustible and non-conductive insulation pads. Thus, at most, the environment suffers smoke damage, but no fire occurs. And that travels and sleeps comfortably.

Charging in motorhome, caravan or boat?

So bicycle batteries are often put on the charger overnight. And if you are travelling with your boat, camper van or caravan, this charging is done in the same room where you sleep. So this is where the safety case is definitely not an unnecessary luxury. After all, it allows you to charge your batteries while you are protected, should anything go wrong.

The safety case with the Cirrux cushions
The safety case with the Cirrux cushions

Is it now life-threatening to ride an electric bike? Are bicycle batteries ticking fire bombs? Of course not. Quality batteries like those from beixo are very safe. And with a few tips, you can minimise the risks.

Travel safely with your bike battery? Use these tips:

  1. Replace damaged chargers immediately.
  2. Only use the charger supplied with the battery. Even if the plug fits, that does not mean the charger is suitable.
  3. Remove the battery from the charger when it is full. This is when the red light on the charger turns green.
  4. Do not leave the battery unattended during charging.
  5. Do not place a battery pack in direct sunlight.
  6. In the unlikely event that a battery is dropped and the casing is damaged, please contact beixo immediately.