Buy Electric folding bike

Beixo has been making folding bikes for over 15 years, based on the same frame and of course without a chain. A few years after the first folding bike with cardan shaft came on the market, the question followed whether we also had it in an electric version. And of course, at beixo you can also get a electric folding bike buy. What are the considerations?

The traditional beixo folding bike

The first beixo was a traditional folding bike: reasonably small, quite light and naturally foldable. Made of aluminium with super stiff folding points, so it is light and easy to fold, allowing you to carry it with ease. Unlike many other folding bikes, which do not offer the cycling comfort of a regular bike, a beixo rides like an adult bike. This is due to its comfortable geometry. The riding comfort can therefore be compared to a regular bike. 

Optimal cycling comfort

With the existing comfort and all the advantages of the beixo folding bike in mind, we set out to develop an electric version. The reinforced aluminium folding frame offered a good starting point. One drawback is that because of all the electric parts, these bikes are considerably heavier, about 5 kilograms extra if you count battery. But is this a problem?

A ride through the mountains has never been so much fun. Buying an electric folding bike? Pay close attention to the quality of the support.
You are not shocked by a mountain more or less.

Use by commuters

The extra weight is a problem if you have to fold and/or lift the pedelec several times a day. For this, the compact electrics therefore less suitable and therefore we have the crosstown electra developed. At only 16 kg, this folding bike is very easy to handle. And it also folds up smaller.

Want the compact electra anyway (free) take with you on the train, realise that you actually only have to lift the bike briefly when getting on and off. Just like a regular bike.  

Ideal for a day trip

A folding electric bike is certainly not only handy on the train. Combined with a motorhome, you take full advantage of your freedom. On holiday you will enjoy a comfortable bike that is barely inferior to a normal one for weeks. Ideal for a nice day trip to a nearby town or castle. Do you encounter hills or mountains along the way? No problem, with a single push of a button you adjust the support.  

The components of the beixo electra

Using the regular folding bike as a tried-and-tested base, we set out to find the ideal mix of parts and components. After all, the compact was not initially designed as an electric folding bike. Essential to the choice were quality and ease of use. And the bike had to be able to be made by anyone - or at least any bicycle maker in Europe. Without special tools or equipment. Because, of course, you don't want to stand still during your holidays.

Plug and play

For the above reason, all components are plug-and-play. That is, if you replace the display, it is a matter of a single plug. No complicated operations or calibration, the pedelec works immediately again. The motor is in the front wheel. First of all because we use a cardan shaft and this makes a middle motor impossible. But also because a good front-wheel motor in combination with good steering is barely inferior to a mid- or rear-wheel motor. While pedalling you drive the rear wheel, the motor does the same for the front wheel. So the bike has two-wheel drive.

Gears and chains

Due to the smaller wheel size of a folding bike, all parts are closer to the ground than on a regular bike. As this makes them extremely vulnerable to dirt, mud, water and salt, beixo has opted for a drive shaft in combination with a Shimano internal gear hub. No hassle with cleaning, lubrication or tensioning. And no grinding gears after a ride on a dirt road, either.  

The battery is on the luggage rack    

For ideal weight distribution - as the motor is in the front wheel - we opted for a battery on the carrier. This is easily removable. This saves weight with lifting and is convenient for charging. The luggage carrier of the electric foldable beixo bike has a carrying capacity of about 15 kilos. If you want to mount panniers or a handy basket on it, use a bag carrier.

A quick Aperol on a nearby terrace. No problem with the beixo compact electric. Buying an electric folding bike? Pay close attention to the quality of the battery.
Just grabbing a terrace.

Buying an electric folding bike #1

What is important to look out for when buying a folding electric bike? A number of factors are very important. First, the foldability and rigidity of the frame. The forces on the frame of an electric folding bike are considerable, you will also quickly reach a higher speed. A bike that swings feels very unsafe. With its oversized frame and special, patented folding mechanism, the beixo compact electra is very rigid and solid. Even at 40 km/h downhill, the beixo still makes you feel safe, which is one of the most important features of a folding bike.

Buying an electric folding bike #2

In addition, the size of an electric folding bike is an important point to consider. Because a folding bike is not a rectangle, it is impossible to give precise measurements. If you put two folding bikes side by side, some parts will slide into each other, resulting in a different width. And is it easy to fold? Does the bike stay together even when folded? The beixo has special folding points for this, creating a nice little package.

Buying an electric folding bike #3

Price is, of course, a very important consideration. With an electric (folding) bike, it is largely determined by the battery determined. This quickly makes up a quarter of the purchase price. But a good quality battery is well worth its money. An E-bike battery consists of a large number of batteries or cells placed in series. And as with a chain, the rule here is: it is only as strong as its weakest link. With an A-quality battery, the quality of all cells is equal. And that benefits the service life.

Experiencing it yourself?

The beixo compact electra is more than just an electric folding bike. In fact, you can think of this bike as a multifunctional folding electric bike. Especially with a low entry the compact electra is handy as a city bike and ideal for a recreational trip during your holidays. Easy to fold and take with you in your car or motorhome. The bike can travel on public transport for free. And the cardan shaft means you don't have to worry about it. Would you like to experience the compact electrics for yourself? Then make an appointment at our showroom or visit one of our dealers.