Our bikes

Our beixo bikes are all completely chainless. Some bikes have a cardan shaft and others have a drive belt. By using these alternative drives, these bikes are a lot cleaner than any other bikes with a regular chain. Because the cardan shaft and drive belt don't need to be lubricated, they require much less maintenance and you hardly have to worry about them. So you can cycle without worrying about your chain falling off, for example. Want to know more about the cardan shaft? Then look here. 

Years of trouble-free, comfortable pedalling. In our range, we have different types of beixo bikes. We have city bikes that are available both electric and non-electric. Our folding bikes are also available in different models, so there is a perfect bike for everyone. If you are curious which beixo suits you, make an appointment to have a extensive test drive make at our premises in De Bilt.