Choose one of the accessory packages

The compact electra in the standard version.

One of our accessory packs for every use

With the compact electric folding bikes, we offer three accessory packages. As a bonus, there is also an option for a travel package. So you choose exactly what you need to get the most out of your E-bike.

Completepackage: the standard package: the electric folding bikes come with lighting and a solid ring lock. This lock is two-star approved and therefore also suitable for a insurance. This package for electric folding bikes is included in the standard price of €2.099,00.

Comfort package: All components from the complete package including a comfortable tour handlebar, comfort saddle and a springy seat post. This package has its added value when you regularly use the compact electric folding bike for recreational rides. The ergonomics and seating position improve to such an extent that it feels like riding a normal bike. This package is available from €2.199,00.

Classic package: The parts from the comfort package are included in the classic package. The only difference is the classic look of the Brooks saddle combined with the leather grips. This combination together makes the classic package so unique. So you can create your beixo entirely to your own taste. The classic package starts from €2.349,00.

Optional travel package: Do you really want to get the most out of your electric folding bike, store it well and take the occasional errand with you? Then choose the travel package. This includes all the parts from the other two packages, including a bag carrier, a waterproof side pocket and a handy storage/transport bag in which the entire bike fits. As the travel pack is available on all compact folding bikes, there are three different starting prices:

Complete travel package = €2.249,00
Comfort travel package = €2.349,00
Classic travel package = €2.499,00

Of course, our accessory packages can be combined with any of our other accessories.