Debbie Tarenskeen featured in newspaper with her beixo

She blew the praises of her beixo Compact folding bike in a cycling special in De Gelderlander.

At the end of 2009, Debbie Tarenskeen from Arnhem stood with her new beixo Compact in the newspaper. De Gelderlander made a special about, at the time, unusual bikes: a recumbent bicycle, a cargo bike, an electric bike and Debbie with her folding bike without a chain. That technology caught the attention of colleagues and she herself was particularly charmed by the practical advantage: no oil stains on your clothes and low maintenance. She was lyrical about it.

That lyric remained. In 2020, Debbie traded in her regular Compact for a Compact Electra. She clearly liked the bike and electric riding now too.

"I cycled regularly and pleasantly, but never very far. Now that I electric riding, I make long distances, I ride into the Veluwe, into nature, it goes super light. I'm originally from The Hague, and of course Arnhem has a few hills. My husband always laughs when I complain about it, that I 'have to go up the hump', but now I don't suffer from anything.     

My husband does not have an electric bike, when I cycle normally on my new one, he breaks down trying to keep up with me. So I cycle very slowly now when we cycle together, I hold back. He will probably buy an electric bike soon too and then I will have another problem: he has very long legs, so then he will go very fast again."  

Incidentally, in the same special, De Gelderlander very sharply signalled a new trend in cycling country: the rise of electric bikes for people in their forties, then called 'bikes for lazy bikers'.   

Pictured: Debbie times a bike ride to Rheden. Below is the newspaper article from 2009.