Discover our chainless electric folding bikes

The ease of cycling with a beixo electric folding bike

The beixo electra is the most comfortable, complete, clean and therefore ideal electric folding bike. And it is also chainless. The electra combines the convenience of a folding bike with the drive shaft with a high-quality electric drive system from Bafang. So you'll have the wind at your back anytime, anywhere, but keep your clothes and surroundings free of grease.

Both with and without the assistance, this electric folding bike cycles wonderfully. A simple push of a button switches the powerful, whisper-quiet motor on or off. With five pedal assistance settings, there is always one to suit you. In short: lots of comfort and power and yet only just over 20 kilos.

High or low frame

Suitable for everyone: with high frame or just a low entry.

Test winner

Since 2016, the compact electra has been a test winner in various folding bike tests by ANWB and the AD, among others.

Low maintenance

The drive shaft and hub gearing make the bike clean, low-maintenance and durable.

The propeller shaft

A bicycle with shaft drive is low-maintenance, reliable and very durable. A PTO shaft requires hardly any maintenance. After all, it is a closed system, free from outside influences. As a result, it is free of lubrication and grease, ideal for your car, boat, motorhome or caravan.

Standard battery: 316 Wh : 50 - 70 kilometres. 418 Wh : 70 - 90 kilometres (+ € 150,-), 490 Wh : 90 - 110 kilometres (+ € 300,-)

86 x 65 x 38 cm (lxhxw)
22.2 kg including battery

Bafang LCD display with 5-mode support, walk-assist, 250-watt Bafang front-wheel motor

A choice for every use

The compact electra is available from € 2,099. With the electric folding bikes, we offer three packages. So you choose exactly what you need to get the most out of your E-bike.

Basic: the standard package: the electric folding bike comes with lights and a sturdy ring lock. This lock is two-star approved and therefore also suitable for insurance purposes. This package is included in the bike's standard price of €2,099.

Complete: All components from the Basic package including a comfortable touring handlebar, comfort saddle and suspension seatpost. This package has its added value when you regularly use the compact electric folding bike for medium-distance recreational rides. The ergonomics and seating position improve to such an extent that it feels like riding a regular bike. (+ € 100,-) 

Super-de-Luxe: Do you really want to get the most out of your electric folding bike, store it well and carry the occasional errand? Then choose this package. It includes all the parts from the other two packages including a bag carrier, a waterproof side bag and a handy storage/tansport bag in which the whole bike fits. (+ € 250,-) 

After a quick search on the internet, we simply knew: we want an electric folding bike without a chain! In De Bilt, Angelique helped us very patiently and professionally. Purchased two fully equipped ones and we are super happy with them. That this hasn't been thought of before!

Eric Kaag


We bought our Beixo electric folding bikes in January; we were helped in a particularly pleasant way. The friendly owner of the shop in De Bilt and his staff answered our questions competently and did everything possible to fulfil our wishes.

Mr and Mrs Van Vliet


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