A low-entry folding electric bike: combining ease of use and safety

A electric folding bike with low instep is ideal for many people. Not only for people who have difficulty getting on, this bike is a godsend. Even if you have difficulty keeping your balance, it might be uncomfortable to take the bike. Or you've had a fall once and now find cycling dangerous. A low-entry folding electric bike, such as the compact electra low, offers a solution here.

Due to the low position of the battery, the electra low also has a low centre of gravity. This makes it easy to keep the bike upright. Always want to have both feet on the ground? Then the pin-up saddle extender a perfect accessory. The saddle can be moved up to 10 cm further back with this pin-up.

a beixo for the Brandaris on Terschelling
"Wonderfully mobile thanks to my low-rise beixo."

Extra safety through low entry

Besides being comfortable and safe, a low-rise electric folding bike is easy to carry. In the car, the train, your caravan, motorhome or in the boat. Ideal for a day trip or on holiday. However, the beixo electra low with low entry also comes in handy for when you need to run an errand. Or visiting an acquaintance or family. 

With an electric bike, you can leisurely ride past any traffic jam. Especially if you choose a low-instep E-bike. Getting on and off at traffic lights is no problem at all. Do you have to stop suddenly? Then the chance of falling is much smaller. An extra piece of safety if you have trouble getting on. After all, the entry of the beixo electra electric folding bike with low entry is only 35 centimetres. By comparison, an average kerb is 20 centimetres high.

Compact electric folding bike with low entry.
From € 1999
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Sporty look

A big advantage of a low-entry folding electric bike is also the look. If you choose a senior citizen or special needs bike, you will miss the sporty look. With a folding bike with low instep, you will still look a lot fresher.

The step of the electra low is only 35 centimetres

Regain your confidence in cycling

Have you had a fall on your E-bike and don't really dare to cycle anymore? Then be sure to drop by beixo. We have all the knowledge, patience, space and accessories to take away your worst fears. On the square in front of the showroom, you can experience in peace and quiet how stable, secure and safe a beixo low-rise electric folding bike feels. Cycling with confidence again? Then make a quick appointment.    

Low-entry electric folding bike
"Thanks to a few adjustments, I am mobile again!"

Are adjustments needed to the bike? No problem. We will look for a solution. Whether it is a double brake handle on the right side, a special saddle, a fixed pedal or an attachment for a walking stick, we at beixo don't shy away from it. When it comes to assistance, we at beixo can also adjust a lot on the latest generation of electric folding bikes; including maximum speed, acceleration and power of assistance. This makes you feel absolutely secure on a beixo electra.

That a beixo folding bike with low entry can be a solution was experienced by Mrs Peeters from Valkenswaard. Her big hobby was cycling, together with her husband. After an unfortunate fall with her large E-bike, she no longer dared to get on. "Angelique from beixo got me cycling again with a lot of patience and confidence. I am so happy that I dare again. The beixo feels very stable and familiar. And most importantly: I am in control of the bike and not the other way around. Angelique, thank you!"

If you can't or don't dare cycle anymore, it is very annoying. It limits your freedom and cycling is good for your health and fitness. Even if this is on an E-bike. A low-folding electric bike from beixo This makes it the ideal solution for anyone who would like to cycle (again) but needs a little push. So don't wait any longer and make a appointment.