The beixo electric folding bike and moisture

The components of the beixo electrics are splash-proof and can withstand quite a bit of rain. However, store your beixo preferably in a dry covered area. If the electric bicycle is always outside and/or has to endure a lot of water, shield the components as much as possible.

TIP: Use a steering wheel cover or a travelbag.

A display on an E-bike is designed to be unaffected by heavy rain. However, when the handlebars are folded down, the display sits with the underside up. And since this is where the cable goes in, the display at the bottom is not waterproof.

Moisture and/or water damage in the components are excluded from warranty.

How should I maintain my beixo?

Maintain beixo like any other bike. Except that cleaning, lubricating and tightening the chain is no longer necessary!
Tip: apply anti-rust spray to the bolts and nuts and regularly spray the entire beixo with silicone spray and rub it out with a cotton cloth. Dirt adheres hard to silicone, so your beixo will stay nice for longer.
When cleaning your bike, never use a high-pressure sprayer. With this, you can damage the electronic components but also, for example, spray the grease out of the bearings.

A folding bike has folding points and they do need extra attention. It is recommended to have your beixo serviced regularly - at least annually - at a beixo dealer. This will extend the life of the bike considerably.

Shimano recommends servicing its hubs every two years or 5,000 kilometres. This involves cleaning and lubricating the hub.

Are spare parts available?

An electric bike is not cheap and, we believe, should last quite a few years. However, e-bike technology is changing rapidly. To promote durability, we believe that beixo spare parts should be available for a longer period of time. We support our technology for at least ten years and do everything we can to keep parts in stock for this period. Unfortunately, we do depend on our suppliers.

Most specific beixo parts are available separately through our webshop. Is your part not listed? Send an e-mail to From a cap for the drive shaft to a new seat post.

Can a beixo rust?

Beixo is made almost entirely of aluminium and therefore hardly rusts. To prevent oxidation, beixo is treated with a very strong transparent polyurethane varnish. All bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel. To prevent oxidation in the future, you can use silicone spray. Weather conditions and other factors may cause oxidation, for which we are not liable.

Update October 2021: Given the current tightness in the raw materials and parts market, it is unfortunately not possible to guarantee the highest quality at the moment. It is therefore possible that a certain part, screw or nut may corrode despite everything. If this is the case, please report it to us. We can send you replacement parts if necessary.

How often should I lubricate a propeller shaft?

The rear gears of the cardan shaft should be well greased. If there is too little grease on the rear gears, it announces itself. The transmission becomes less smooth, you feel a vibration instead of the cardan running smoothly. This is the time to take action.

For lubrication, use a grease that lays a nice film over the gears. Beixo recommends Shimano ball bearing grease or a similar product. To lubricate the rear sprocket, remove the grey cover. This can be done by removing the two screws that hold the cover in place. Clean the side of the sprocket with an old cloth and then apply ample new grease. Rotate the pedals for a few seconds to distribute the grease well and refit the dust cap.

The gears at the bottom bracket do not require any maintenance. After all, it is a closed system so no dirt or moisture gets into the bottom bracket.


How do I remove the rear wheel?

With a beixo, you dismantle the rear wheel in no time. (De-)mounting is very simple and much easier than with a chain bike. After all, you don't have to remove and re-tension the chain. Let alone the hassle of a chain case.

How does it work?

Loosen the two screws on the dust cover, unscrew the wheel nuts, release the brake and the wheel can be taken out. As everything only fits in one way, putting it back in is also child's play. What is important is that the parts are replaced in the same way. So pay particular attention to the order of the washers on the right side before removing the wheel from the bike. To maintain a smooth and noiseless drive, these should be reassembled in exactly the same way.

Tip: first tighten the wheel nut on the drive shaft side, this will centre the wheel. Only then tighten the wheel nut on the left side of the bike.