How are warranty claims handled?

Beixo believes in its products and will do its utmost to keep you satisfied. Should you still have a claim, you should report it to your dealer. After the discovery of any defect, you are obliged to stop using the bicycle in question immediately and, furthermore, to do everything possible to prevent (further) damage.

Download the full warranty conditions.

The beixo electric folding bike and moisture

The components of the beixo electrics are splash-proof and can withstand quite a bit of rain. However, store your beixo preferably in a dry covered area. If the electric bicycle is always outside and/or has to endure a lot of water, shield the components as much as possible.

TIP: Use a steering wheel cover or a travelbag.

A display on an E-bike is designed to be unaffected by heavy rain. However, when the handlebars are folded down, the display sits with the underside up. And since this is where the cable goes in, the display at the bottom is not waterproof.

Moisture and/or water damage in the components are excluded from warranty.

How does the guarantee work?

Beixo gives a two-year full warranty on the frame and the cardan shaft. On the other parts, we apply the standard manufacturer's warranty. This is one year.

For electric bikes bought after 1 January 2016, a two-year warranty period applies to the battery and other electric parts.

Only the first owner can claim warranty. Wear and moisture are excluded from the warranty. The warranty is void in case of incorrect mounting of accessories, dismantling of the cardan shaft and improper use such as stunt riding. In the first instance, we refer you to your own cycle shop. He will be able to solve 9 out of 10 problems.

Because beixo believes in the quality delivered, we operate a goodwill scheme based on depreciation after the standard warranty period.

A folding bike is a specific product with folding points in the frame. Beixo advises its customers to have the folding bike checked annually by a professional.

Shimano provides a two-year warranty for its items after purchase. It is important that proper maintenance has been performed though.