Henkjan van der Zouw flies his beixos

It happens more often that customers want to "try on" our bikes. In the back of the car, the boot of the boat or the garage of the motorhome. But when Henkjan van der Zouw asked if he could borrow a bike to see if it could fit in his home-built plane, we were equally surprised. Henkjan: "If you fly to Texel, you get off pretty much on the terrace of the airport and can get a coffee straight away. But if you go to airports in Germany or France, the nearest catering establishment is often a long way away." A folding bike from beixo could then provide a solution.

The next day Henkjan was already back. Even two folding bicycles could easily come along. Plus a safety transport case for the batteries, as they became electric folding bicycles. That German cup of coffee and French lunch are now easily accessible.