His beixos save the life of Rolf de Vries

"I have a beixo Compact from your early years, a beixo Compact Electra and a second beixo Compact. At the time, I was looking for a means of transport that allowed me to get around quickly and was easy to combine with public transport and car. Everything I was familiar with just didn't have it. Small wheels, saddle cannot be set high enough making it look like a child's bike and the sitting position is not good, chain with the necessary maintenance and risk of me dirtying people in OV or colleague/employer's cars, etc. "Wouldn't there be a folding bike that cycles like a regular bike but offers everything I desire?" I thought. Just for fun, I googled folding bike, 20″ propeller shaft and yep, BINGO. beixo had exactly what I was looking for and even a dealer nearby. Then it was see, try and buy. 7-speed. A picture. Although usually much more, this bike still runs at least 6,000 km a year. Trouble-free. The bike hardly needs any maintenance. Change brake shoes, put on a new tyre, adjust gears once in a while and replace some cables. No brine problems in winter, no chain maintenance. Super! 

My wife did not want a bike with assistance. "That's for the elderly". However, due to a physical ailment, she was sometimes suddenly overcome by fatigue, which made her range increasingly smaller. One day, she struggled to get home on her regular bike with the necessary stops and was in quite a pickle. The dealer gave me a beixo Electra to try. My wife held off the boat, but at my insistence, we went on the same ride on which she had stalled earlier. About 25 kilometres. We had not yet left the built-up area of our village when I knew beixo number 2 could be ordered. You will understand that I had to work solidly to keep up with her the whole ride with my beixo without support. 

Well, then the situation arose that a second beixo Compact would come in handy for me, so that I always had a bike in two locations. That became beixo number three in our family of two. 

My wife rides the Compact Electra and I ride the two regular Compacts. At home, they are used almost daily for commuting, shopping, visiting, recreational riding, etc. During our camping holidays, the bikes go with us. My 28-year-old car I use sporadically. To be on the safe side, a beixo goes along in case the car leaves me. I can actually conclude that buying the beixo's falls into the best investment category for us. We enjoy them a lot, experience a lot with them and connect with a lot of people. I then see them looking for the chain with an oblique eye. If I then say with a wink "well, where is that necklace anyway?", I have another nice conversation.

I normally cycle about 2 x 20 kilometres a day on a beixo Compact to reach my work locations in combination with public transport or colleagues picking me up somewhere. As the train is often absent, or there are no more trains, I regularly cycle 45 kilometres in one go to get home in the evening. Lovely!

On the train in particular, I get a lot of questions about bicycles. You see all kinds of folding bikes. Very compact ones that don't cycle like a normal bicycle and very rickety ones. Then a while later, I see people returning with ....... indeed a Beixo and a smile from ear to ear. 

Then something very special and personal. Something you don't normally share so easily with someone you don't know, but which is part of my Beixo. In 2018, I suffered a heart attack on my Beixo. Not because of the Beixo, but because of what turned out to be a hereditary strain/less healthy past. I just calmly cycled on to my work location because I did not recognise what was going on. A colleague recognised the symptoms and raised the alarm. I ended up on the operating table for a cardiac catheterisation. This revealed a completely occluded dominant coronary artery that could not be bypassed. That would mean open heart surgery. All the while, I was fully conscious. Fortunately, it was seen in time that over the years my body had made its own diversions in the form of small blood vessels formed more or less parallel to the gradual closure of the coronary artery. This is called a collateral. My situation was then discussed by a university hospital, which determined that the independently formed collateral was sufficient. I was allowed to go home immediately after that. According to the specialists, my luck has been a healthy lifestyle. Due to intensive use of my Beixo, my fitness was super and the body was stimulated daily by physical exertion which contributed to the formation of the independently formed bypasses that proved necessary in hindsight. And yes, I still enjoy cycling on my beixos. So the beixo is really more than a folding bike for us, both for my wife and me.  

Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary and good luck for the future!"