Jaap Visser made his own shopping bike

At beixo, we are regularly surprised with how beixo owners still modify their bikes themselves. As a (in his own words) "very satisfied user of the beixo folding bike", Jaap Visser sent us a few photos showing his own modifications, which are handy for running errands.

  1. A bipod stand so the bike stays upright. The stand is fixed with two bolts.

2. An extension of the rear pannier rack

3. A detachable rack fixed to the frame, i.e. not to the handlebars. Plastic (paint) tray removable.

Die bipod stand we now have in our range, but the other modifications were new to us and look pretty solid. Enquiries reveal that Visser has an engineering background, having graduated from TU Delft in 1981 as a mechanical engineer. Almost always worked at engineering firms in the shipbuilding and offshore industry. Visser: "Since 2017, I have retired and now have much more time to think up all kinds of things and also make them myself. I often come up with solutions for which I don't yet know the problem😊."

He is bound to attract attention with this bike. "Indeed I see people looking back now and then with a smile, but not everyone immediately sees that it is homebuilt. They then ask where I bought everything. Answer: the parts come from the hardware store and the rest I did myself. In the attic I have a small 'workshop' where I can make various things.

So the ideal shopping bike? "I usually do my shopping by bike, but when I was working, the bike went with me on public transport or in the car. That way I could combine my commute with a bit of cycling every day. But even longer distances are very doable, because the beixo has excellent 'roadholding'. So I won't use my men's bike with a bar anymore, getting on and off the folding bike is much easier."

Jaap Visser sends his regards and concludes with: "Maybe I'll make another folding bike cart." We keep our fingers crossed!