Karin Lambrechtse gets groceries for Team Jumbo-Visma on her folding bike

Performance chef & sports dietitian at Team Jumbo-Visma.

Wanted a folding bike in the colour of her employer's bikes: the celeste blue Bianchis of Team Jumbo-Visma. Thus, she had her own 'mini folding Bianchi'."After quite a few hours of Googleing I came to Pyōra/beixo ended up. Turned out the light blue so similar to the sea blue celeste of the Bianchi road bikes that Team Jumbo-Visma rode until 2021 was just sold out. After contacting the showroom from beixo in De Bilt was arranged via a dealer in Belgium, super service. The folding bike had to meet specific requirements! Like really lightweight, very compact, a cool, sleek and modern design without too many frills, a belt drive (no chain, that gives so much lubrication!) and it had to be somewhat affordable. Because I first came across an English site, it looked like a foreign brand and I thought, darn, that will be hard to buy this one, but it is so cool!!! However, the cool green-blue folding bike turned out to be made and sold in the Netherlands. Yes!

For my work as Performance Chef and Sports Dietician for a cycling team (Team Jumbo-Visma), I travel around Europe in my cooking/cooling van for a large part of the year. Very occasionally, it happens that I just seem to miss a few essential products. Our riders eat to the gram and deviating too much from your recipe is no fun. At that moment, there is no colleague and/or car nearby. Everyone is on the race! Not really the time to call a colleague and ask if they can stop by the supermarket for you. Waiting for them to come back is not an option either, as that can take quite a long time and kicks the whole cooking schedule into disarray, and walking to a supermarket usually takes too long. Ideally, I would like to jump on my bike and rush to the nearest supermarket in good Dutch "hup!" fashion. A folding bike seemed like the ideal solution for getting the necessary items quickly and independently from others without wasting time. The Pyōra fits perfectly between the passenger seat and the dashboard next to me in the car and so it is easy to carry without taking up too much space. It's also great to escape from the hustle and bustle of the course on the Pyōra by cycling around during the short break moments (if there are any) and enjoying the scenery we've ended up in (instead of being parked next to the hotel all day). Either way, it is my course mate and always goes with me. In addition, of course, a folding bike is also nice and handy when I am not at work, but, for example, travelling in NL by public transport and can cycle to an appointment or to my parents who live just outside the big city.

I got a lot of reactions, mostly et a big smile! "Huh, do you have a mini folding Bianchi now???". Or "What a cool folding bike say!". They were very curious and the bike attracted a lot of attention. It is a little bike that stands out. Most people love the colour, the design and the drive-belt. A unique folding bike with no fuss. And the bike held up well among the professional riders, for sure! We often laughed and joked with the Pyōra. Some riders picked it up like that and wanted to win a mountain or sprint stage on it. Haha! It was fun to see the bike among the pros!"