Kysia Hekster on a folding bike through Moscow

Reporter NOS News

Kysia Hekster was a correspondent for the NOS News in Moscow in 2009. In one of the then very popular summer columns, she portrayed the state of Moscow's bicycle road network. And she did so on a beixo Compact. Suddenly, there was a folding bike from beixo cycling through the picture in the News. Fortunately equipped with thick tyres and good brakes, because the cycling roads were not optimal and one even stopped abruptly, the cycle path nicknamed 'cycling road to nowhere'.

Few cities in the world have changed as much in the last 12 years as Moscow. Kysia tells us that a lot has changed for the better for cyclists since then, and attributes a modest role to herself: "Cycling in Moscow is a lot better now, it must be because of my little film from back then. The bike belonged to my husband and he still rides it."