Leasing a beixo bicycle

Why should I lease an electric bike?

Leasing a (electric) bike is a fairly new trend. At the operating lease construction you do not own the bike, but you (or your employer) pay a fixed amount per month for using the bike. The lease amount depends on the type of bike, the lease term and the number of kilometres you cycle per year. The other option is financial lease. With this form of leasing, you do own the bike during the lease period and you also bear the economic risk, insurance and maintenance. Beixo cooperates with lease-a-bike.co.uk. On their website you will also find a calculator which immediately shows what your advantage is.

  • Advantage
    Depending on your tax bracket, your benefit runs up to 35% compared to buying a new beixo. And instead of transferring the entire amount in one go, you can pay the beixo monthly.
  • Addition
    Just like a leased car, you pay an additional tax for your leased Beixo. And this is low at 7% on an annual basis.
  • Set off
    If your employer does not pay the full amount, you can offset the lease costs as well as the service and insurance package against your gross salary. You agree with your employer that you voluntarily exchange gross salary for the leasing costs. This reduces your gross salary on which you owe tax. So you spend less on taxes and social contributions and have a brand new bike in return....