Liek de Beer saves parking money with his beixos

"Some years back I have two Beixo electric silver folding bikes purchased. These exceptionally beautiful bikes of first-class quality are recommended for anyone who finds it difficult to park in big cities. Coincidentally, I bought both Beixo's in the luggage compartment of my Volvo XC 60. Then I pull the suitcase cloth over it and no one can see from outside whether I have two of these folding bicycles there in the boot. If we visit family in The Hague, where you have to pay a lot of parking fees, the car is parked in the outskirts and we cycle the last stretch.

We also use them a lot when we travel around Europe. At the campsite, we throw them on the power to the supplied battery chargers at night before going to bed. And the next morning I disconnect the battery chargers and can then enjoy them again. You see 100 times more on the bike than you do in the car. Besides, when going uphill or downhill, the gears are easy to control. The proportions are right as far as the Beixo frame is concerned in relation to the saddle and pedals. The biggest advantage is the drive shaft. This cardan shaft is very special and I can recommend it to everyone. So great when no more dirty bike chain.

The picture shows Ms De Beer. Both of us own a good helmet. My wife is always particular about the fact that her shopping basket can be on the back of the battery. This For us, Beixo is the champion among electric folding bikes. I recommend to friend and foe all a Beixo."

Liek de Beer