Martha and Nico Wals didn't want to just buy bikes on the internet

In 2006, beixo's inaugural year, the folding bikes sold only via the internet. A practice that is now perfectly normal, but at the time took some getting used to. Many interested parties therefore asked where they could see and test the bike. beixo organised a test day in Utrecht's Wilhelminapark in the summer of 2007.

The first customer day at Wilhelminapark in Utrecht, 2006

Martha and Nico Waltz were there. Nico: "We fell for Beixo because it has no chain on it. No problems with grease from the chain on me clothes. But they also had to be in our bus camper fit, so just clicking and buying, we didn't want that. We went there with the motorhome, parked at the park. It was quite a happening in the park with all friendly people.

After getting fitted, we bought the bikes. It has been a super-buy. These days, the bikes are in the garage of our current motorhome. I made a sled for the bikes, which goes very easily. My wife Martha is next to it in the photo.

After 14 years, we are getting older and wanted to electric folding bicycles but beixo. We traded in our old bikes, they'll find someone at beixo for that, because there's really nothing wrong with them. And now on to as many years with the electric folding bikes, as we've had the regular ones."