Martien and Monique van der Kamp have beixos under the bed

How nice do you want it to be? Driving our van campervan across Spain with two beixo electric folding bikes ... and not on the back of a rack at the door but efficiently folded in the van under the bed!!!

By 'The sense of finding your way through life', we discover beautiful cities, villages and natural areas on our trips with our van campervan. And our Beixo bikes help us discover the last bit we can't reach by campervan.

When we move around Spain on our Beixo bikes we see and hear the reactions when we cycle through a village or arrive somewhere where they definitely don't expect bikes and then the confused looks when they don't see a chain!!!! 

Have had to explain many a time how it works.

Effortlessly, we can take our bikes into mountainous terrain where we have taken several cyclists up the mountain in our slipstream.

Three years ago, we bought our bikes from Reerink Rijwielen and all always without problems and with the necessary kilometres in the wheels. We received an e-mail from Frank Reerink about your action.

In short we are very satisfied with our bikes they are easy to maintain and we are going to have many great adventures with them.

Herewith our story and photos: congratulations on your anniversary!!!


Martien and Monique van der Kamp