Experience the perfect camping and caravan bikes

Do you like to go out in your campervan, caravan or boat? And do you like to have an electric folding bike at your disposal on the road? Then a beixo is the way to go. Beixo...? It's not surprising if you haven't heard of us. We don't do (much) advertising, because our (electric) folding bikes sell themselves. And because we prefer to spend our money on designing and making the best possible bikes. Whether we manage to do that, you can judge for yourself at our showroom in De Bilt. We have created a nice test ride route for you. Our bikes are waiting for you. And our beixo experts are happy to take the time to adjust those bikes to suit you completely for a comfortable test ride.   See you soon in De Bilt and meet the perfect camping and caravan bike.


"We fell for beixo because it has no chain on it. No problems with grease from the chain on my clothes. But they also had to fit in our bus camper, so just clicking and buying, we didn't want that."

Martha and Nico Waltz

No chain. No talk.

The most striking thing about beixo is the cardan shaft. A proven drive technology that we breathed new life into in 2005. And saying goodbye to the fat chain. The weak link in many bicycle designs. We make chainless bikes for people who want to pedal (many) kilometres without any problems and comfortably. We consciously opt for wear-resistant and low-maintenance. Designing for ease of use and pleasure of use. No more and no less. Not 'look at me cycling' but 'look at me cycling'. The result, a bicycle that some cyclists like to talk about, but which doesn't need any talking. In short, a beixo is the perfect camping and caravan bike.

crosstown / crosstown electra

The comfortable take-away bike. Perfect for campervan, caravan, boat and backbox.

  • The lightest full-size (electric) folding bike. Folds in 4 steps.
  • Easy to carry due to weight of less than 15 kg.
  • Compact and sturdy. Also comfortable on longer trips.
  • Crosstown electric with electric assist. Pleasant in the mountains.
  • Ideal for exploring the area from base.

"It not only goes with us during our holidays at home and abroad, but also in the boot to work to cover part of the journey on this great 'folding bike'. Already quite a few kilometres are on it, to our complete satisfaction.

Gaby Kouwen

compact / compact electrics

The most comfortable, complete, compact electric bike. For quick holiday shopping and long bike rides through the mountains. The perfect camping and caravan bike.

  • High-level quality and service by using Dutch components.
  • You buy the bike that suits you by choosing widely from meaningful accessories (packages).
  • Low: safe due to extra-low entry and low centre of gravity (stability).