Ms Rouma (88) is happy to explain the propeller shaft once more

Mrs Rouma, who turned 88 this summer, is an avid camper. Previously in groups, but the circle is getting smaller, so in recent years mostly alone. One of her children then arranges for the caravan to be set up at a nice campsite and once it is set up she has her electric folding bike of beixo as transport. "I have had it for at least five years now. With a friend, I was at the Elder fair. There was a course there where people could test out bikes. All screamed. But the bike I was looking for was not among them. Someone tipped me off to check out beixo in De Bilt when I was in the area. Well I live near there, so that was easily arranged."

She is perfectly happy with her bike with cardan shaft. Only the attention that cardan shaft attracts, she had to get used to. "I have a vintage caravan, which already attracts attention. Standing on a campsite, someone starts looking again, first at the caravan and then at the bike. And it's almost always men. Then I have to explain the technology, but I love doing it! In the meantime, I have a drawing of the drive shaft with me, which helps enormously. That's how I get them excited about a bike from beixo."

The pedals of Leny Rouma's electric folding bike are now shortened through crank shorteners. "I suffer from hip pain and when the cranks are shortened a bit, cycling is all right again. I'm sitting here on the terrace of Pump 41 next to beixo's shop and start to feel like going out in the camper again."