Pascal van den Ham uses her Share as a cargobike

How I got to my Share bowl? That goes way back... Once upon a time...there was a girl from Enschede. I moved to Utrecht in 2008 and was looking for a nice city bike. The bright colours of the Colorbikes and the good story, the bike-for-a-bike principle, really appealed to me. After years of loyal service, a few years ago I switched to the Colorbike's successor, the sturdy modern city bike Share, and I enjoy it a lot now.

It's a very stable bike that you can carry a lot of stuff on, I need for my small business. It's called a cargobike these days, right? And it has a smooth city look. And no maintenance!!! All I do is inflate the tyres every now and then. And that cardan drive, regularly I hear: Hey where's the chain! And: At least your chain is not off.

But especially the 'Share' story, for every Share sold here in the Netherlands, beixo makes a bicycle available to a schoolchild in a third-world country. Nicaragua, not everyone in this world can afford to buy a bicycle and work or school are sometimes very far to walk.

I still sometimes go away for a weekend, camping nearby and then with all my stuff-tent, sleeping bag, mat, on the Share I can do that! Once I was mistaken for a tramp when I rode through an expensive residential area in Bilthoven.... On my nice bike!