Paula and Jan Koopman never camp without their beixos

Jan: "We mainly use the bikes while camping. So far this has been in the Black Forest, in France and in Drenthe. We mainly fell for the ease of maintenance and the chainless thing. Since we wanted to transport the bikes in the car, a clean bike is so convenient anyway. The nice thing about these folding bikes is that you can also use them well without a battery. Even without a battery, it cycles very lightly. I love that shaft drive, but most people don't even notice it. But the moment I mention it, they become interested. Then I can't resist promoting beixo either!

You see so much more when you cycle and with solid electric support, nothing stops you. The best memory was the first year in France. Cycled from the campsite to a village to visit the market, along a route with occasional stunning views! Had we used the car we would have missed out on all that! During that trip there was a big descent just before the village which meant we had to go up on the way back. I was told that it included a stretch of about 17%. The first time I had to dismount, my wife did not, but the second time I just managed it by choosing the right gears. It was exciting for a while but also special to experience that!

We came to beixo through our brother-in-law and brother Theo. He and his wife have a boat and they use it frequently. They were looking for an electric folding bike and came to you via the internet. Theo knew that we were also more or less looking and asked if we might be interested. So we were. And so it came about that the four of us went to De Bilt for a day for a test ride."