Link-in chain for Axa Victory

Axa push-in chain RLC 100
The AXA RLC 100 is used in combination with an AXA Victory ring lock for maximum security of your beixo. The RLC 100 has a hardened steel 10 mm thick plug-in pin. The RLC 100 secures your beixo to a fixed object, such as a lamppost or fence.

Chain length: 1000 mm
Chain thickness: 5.5 mm
Plug-in pin length: 38 mm
Plug-in pin thickness: 10 mm
Weight: 700 grams
Chain material: hardened steel
Cover material: polyester
Colour: anthracite (towards black)
Additional security in combination with AXA Defender, Solid Plus or Fusion ring lock.
AXA Safety Index: level 15