Ready for daily errands or longer rides. Always comfortable cycling thanks to the 20'' wheels, rigid frame and large wheelbase (distance between the wheels). Without a chain, with the technically superior cardan shaft. So no grease, dirt on clothes or upholstery and low maintenance. This folding bike with shaft drive and our service are of high quality due to production in the Netherlands and precise assembly.

Commuting, holidays, touring

Comfortable portable bike

The clever frame hinges make folding and unfolding very easy. The adjustable stem guarantees good posture. And thanks to the long seat post, the compact is also suitable for taller people. This makes this beixo an excellent take-away bike for holidays with campervan, caravan or boat. Compact, easy to lift and suitable for shopping or longer trips to explore the surroundings.

You get:

Ideal for boat, motor home or caravan

Each beixo adapted to the cyclist

High or low frame

Our specialists carefully adjust the beixo to the cyclist's measurements and wishes. This makes every bike ride even more comfortable. The compact has two versions. Both easy to fold and with stable handling. Always easy to keep your feet on the ground.

  • Low: Extra low step trough. Easy to get on and off.
  • High: Normal instep. Sporty look.

You get:

There is a beixo for everyone


  • Dimensions folded

    86 x 65 x 38 cm (lxhxw)

  • Frame

    High, Low

  • Luggage carrier

    Included, max. 15 kg

  • Tyres

    Continental Contact 20 x 1.75 (47-406) anti-puncture AV

  • Frame Material


  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Grips


  • Colour

    Silver, Black

  • Length

    Length: 1.39 - 1.99 cm

  • Maximum driver weight

    Max weight: 100 kg

  • Pedals

    Folding pedals

  • Brakes

    Promax V-brakes

  • Handlebar stem


  • Lighting


  • Gears

    Shimano Nexus® 7sp

  • Wheel size (inch)


  • Saddle

    Velo Plush

  • Seat post

    Adjustable, non-sprung, 500 mm.

8 reviews for compact

  1. Review after 4 years of use

    Philippe -

    I bought this folding bike at the end of 2018 after a test ride at the Beixo shop in Utrecht.

    I have actually barely had any maintenance on the bike (just adjusting or replacing the brakes).
    Several times covered distances >25km on this bike, quite heavily packed, and experienced no problems.
    The absence of a chain has come in handy several times (e.g. when an acquaintance offered to carry me for a stretch in the car and that way the car trunk stayed clean).
    At 15 kg, it is indeed quite a heavy bike, so I usually fold it (partially) out if I have to walk more than a few metres with it. Fortunately, the bike folds and unfolds very easily.
    When unfolding, the parts already click into place and then you attach them extra. This makes unfolding easy and quick (because of that click), while with the extra fastening you make the bike stable and sturdy.
    Smaller wheels make the bike less stable on rough terrain, but this applies to any folding bike and otherwise the Beixo is quite stable there.

    In any case, I was satisfied enough to also recently buy myself a Beixo Slim for when folding is not needed.

  2. Just short of five stars

    Hanneke -

    Lovely bike! Easy to fold and unfold. I have had this one for over
    10 years and still as fine as the first day! Fits easily half folded along the wall in the hallway or completely folded in the boot. In fact, this bike folds in half, but can also stay straight while folding just the handlebars and saddle. Just short of five stars and that's because of the weight: Going up and down stairs in the station in normal condition is not an issue. When folded, however, it is a bit bulky and heavy to lift up and down stairs. Mobile on the platform, though.

  3. Simple and efficient

    Jeroen -

    I bought it 2nd hand 2 years ago and have been using it to commute to work by train for 2 years now. A bike with a chain I have to take to the bike shop three to four times a year to straighten the derailleur. Never had any problems with this folding bike.

    And for changing the rear wheel , thank you Beixo for the videos on your website. These are very informative for changing the inner tube.

  4. sweet thing

    Paul te Stroete -

    Have had this folding bike since 2010. A slightly heavier gear configuration than the 7 it offers seems nice, the lightest are suitable for mountain ride in the Tour de France, but the heaviest not for time trial. The lock and I did not go well together, having broken the third one I do without. By cardan so clean it always gets to go in anyway.

  5. Drives top!

    anonymous -

    Cycling on a Beixo is nice. You hardly notice you are riding a folding bike! No dirty chain is great!
    Folding it and putting it in the car does take some effort due to its weight.

  6. heavy but comfortable

    Benno van Winkel -

    Purchased two compacts for our campervan. The customer's needs are well considered and options are considered. The bikes ride very pleasantly. They are on the heavy side, but the advantage of the cardan shaft is so enormous that we take that for granted.

  7. Cardan expert

    Mariek ten Cate -

    I did not know about this cardan drive, but now definitely see the advantages. The other day I was at the market in Italy explaining to a Belgian couple how pleasantly clean and safe it is. I have become a shaft drive expert

  8. Lovely cycling

    Mieke de Jong -

    Bought two compacts via Rinia in Makkum, one high and one low. Fit nicely on the rear deck. The bikes attract a lot of attention in the harbours; we have already advertised this nice company a lot. We are thinking of eventually making the bikes electric. But for now, we pedal ourselves.

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