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The beixo electra electric folding bike is ready for daily errands or long mountain rides. Always comfortable cycling thanks to the 20'' wheels, a rigid frame and the large wheelbase (distance between the wheels). Even going downhill feels safe!

Without a chain, with the technically superior cardan shaft. So no grease, dirt on clothes or upholstery and low maintenance. This electric folding bike with shaft drive are of high quality due to production in the Netherlands and precise assembly. And so is our service.

no hill too steep with the beixo electric folding bike

Each beixo adapted to the cyclist

High or low frame

Our specialists carefully adjust the beixo to the cyclist's measurements and wishes. This makes every bike ride even more comfortable. The compact electric has two versions. Both easy to fold and with stable handling. Always easy to keep your feet on the ground.

You get:

ANWB: "The beixo low is the most practical low-maintenance electric folding bike"

Electric support, no mountain too heavy

Quiet and powerful drive

Experiences of beixo riders show that the compact electric folding bike is suitable for almost any mountain road. The motor is powerful and quiet. The pedal assistance has five levels, easily controlled with the display. The batteries were developed by beixo itself. And thus tailored to the requirements of the compact electra. Easy to disconnect and take inside (recharge).

You get:

Always the wind at your back with powerful support

Optional packages. More economical than individual accessories.

Get the most out of your e-bike

The compact electric folding bike is available with three packages. Matching how you use the compact electric.

Complete. Standard package included in purchase price.

Comfort. Pleasant on long recreational rides. Improved ergonomics and seating position (similar to a touring bike). So look around at leisure and enjoy your surroundings.

Classic. Give your compact electra a classic luxury look.

  • Comfort package
  • Leather Brooks saddle
  • Leather handles

Travel. Ideal for shopping and luggage.

You choose your package at configure. All accessories are also sold separately. An original gift for an avid beixo rider.


You get:

Save on your accessories with a package


  • Frame

    High, Low

  • Colour

    Silver, Black

  • Frame Material


  • Tyres

    Continental Contact 20 x 1.75 (47-406) anti-puncture AV

  • Battery

    8.7 Ah - 313 Wh, 11.6 Amp - 418 Wh, 13.6 Amp - 490 Wh

  • Removable battery


  • Range

    316 Wh : 50 - 70 kilometres, 418 Wh : 70 - 90 kilometres, 490 Wh : 80 - 110 kilometres

  • Luggage carrier

    Included, max. 15 kg

  • Electric support

    Up to 25km/h

  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Grips


  • Dimensions folded

    86 x 65 x 38 cm (lxhxw)

  • Length

    Length: 1.39 - 1.99 cm

  • Maximum driver weight

    Max weight: 100 kg

  • Engine

    36 Volt / 250 Watt Bafang

  • Motor position

    Front wheel

  • Charger

    2 Amps per hour

  • Pedals

    Folding pedals

  • Brakes

    Promax V-brakes

  • Sensor

    Rotation sensor

  • Steering display

    LCD display with 5-mode support, walk-assist

  • Handlebar stem


  • Lighting

    AXA Sprint front light and an AXA Riff rear light

  • Gears

    Shimano Nexus® 7sp

  • Wheel size (inch)


  • Saddle

    Velo Plush

  • Seat post

    Adjustable, non-sprung, 500 mm.

  • Travel package

    Exclusive, Inclusive

16 reviews for compact electra

  1. Wicked

    Caro -

    What fine service in the Beixo shop! After close examination of the internet, we ended up at the Crosstown. As a cook on board sailing ships, I always need something when we dock but the shops are always further away from the ports. After 1 season, I never want to be without this handy and reliably sturdy little bike. I gladly accept the small wheels in addition to all the plus points of this sturdy bike. Indeed, it has even become my daily city bike in busy Amsterdam city centre. Strong, compact with its 3 gears, front pannier bag and rear luggage carrier, I can transport a lot, even a crate of beer. Trelock and anwb tracer ensure that I can also leave it anywhere in the city. In short: awesome.

  2. Our salvation

    RJ de Bruine -

    We have had the Beixo's for years and took rides in them during our caravan holidays in France. We have now retired for three years and switched to a motorhome. So now the folding bikes are more important than ever for shopping and nice bike rides,
    The Beixo's have never let us down in the Algarve, no matter how high the hills were! Chapeau!

  3. Good purchase! ( 2 pieces)

    Max van Breda -

    Rides fine due to strong engine, so slopes are not a problem. Ideal for seniors, due to low entry and sitting lower to the ground, where depending on settings, you can reach the ground with 2 feet, making a sudden stop and then drive off much safer.
    Its foldability and cardan drive make it easy to take with you, so that when you make a hotel arrangement you are not dependent on E-bikes for hire there, which are often poorly maintained. Your own familiar Beixo with your own settings thus contribute to relaxed rides around the area. The front-wheel motor does have a known disadvantage in slippery conditions or loose gravel/sand, but this can be dealt with. Hopefully one day there will be a version with a mid-motor, built directly on the gear housing near the bottom bracket, so that the fragile electric cabling from the battery can be very short. I would buy such a version immediately to replace my current 2 Beixo's, which I am already happy with.

  4. My wife is confident again

    Wolfgram -

    We were very pleasantly helped, great customer confidence and partly due to the shop's help, my wife dares to make trips on the electric folding bike again, this is going so well that I will just have my Beixo folding bike converted to an electric folding bike.

  5. ANWB was right

    Van den Bout -

    Got in touch with Beixo via test ANWB 2019. Clear info on the website. Visit there in De Bilt full of attention, expert explanation and ample opportunity for a generous test ride on an electric folding bike. Then all the time to determine final version of the bikes.

  6. Beautifully comfortable bikes

    Hanny -

    We are very satisfied with our purchase. We chose the comfortable version the tour handlebar and we like it very much. Great service, nice enthusiastic sales team! We had a generous test ride and delivery went perfectly. Now we have been enjoying the nice trips we make for weeks. We also now use the electric folding bikes at home despite the fact that they were actually bought for holidays. We are very satisfied and are looking forward to all the nice rides we will take with them. Also nice that they look so incredibly nice and are easy to maintain. Such a cardan shaft rides incredibly smoothly and, as far as we are concerned, is totally the best choice if you need to fold a bike, never again grease your hands or clothes.

  7. TOP

    Kees & Ans -

    During our holiday in Limburg. What a godsend
    From the regular bike to these toppers. Goes straight into the campervan. highly recommended !

  8. Fantastic help

    M. Thomas de Weijer -

    In a word: excellent . Very friendly. Absolutely not pushy. Neither at the E-Bike experience in the Jaarbeurs, nor in the shop in De Bilt. Took all the time I needed as an older woman who had to learn how to fold the bike to put it in the boot.

  9. Very satisfied

    Rolf Stellingwerf -

    Very satisfied with the bike
    Sturdy frame, easy to fold
    Already cycled almost 1000 km with it

  10. Beixo Electra

    Guy Vanderstraeten -

    After our cycling holiday in De Bilt, we bought another electric folding bike locally.
    This bike exceeds our expectations, a formidable bike, highly recommended!

  11. E bike folding bikes super

    Jan Schinkel -

    We have two e-folding bikes from beixo and ride an awful lot of kilometres with them. they are wonderful bikes. besides holiday use, they are now even our primary home bikes! Handy in the city!

  12. 5 years

    Edith -

    My beixo remains super

  13. Lovely and relaxing

    Ronald -

    Nice bike easy to ride, folds quickly, can ride on bus and tram with ease.
    Very good for cycling decent distances. When the sun shines I cycle, when it rains I take public transport.

  14. superbike

    anonymous -

    Today, after extensive searching / comparing, I bought a Beixo electric folding bike through the dealer in Apeldoorn. Both the experience with Beixo itself and the dealer Profile Janssen in Apeldoorn I can be very positive about.

  15. 100% satisfied

    M. van de Maate -

    I bought a Beixo folding bike from my dealer in August 2017. The service is excellent.
    I am still very happy with the beautiful bike.

  16. Mount!

    Christina Torenstra -

    What a sturdy engine there is on the beixo compact electra! We used to look up to the mountains of southern Spain a bit, but these days going uphill is a joy!

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