In just three quick steps, you make the pyōra nice and compact. And at less than 12 kg in weight, the folding bike is also easy to lift. A pyōra fits in every boot. So from now on, park for free and cover those last few metres on your folding bike. It is healthy too.

The pyōra is online only for sale.

Fast forward through the city bustle

Sharp as a knife

The pyōra is specifically designed for city hectic. The folding bike steers nicely fast and direct, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through busy traffic. The single-speed hub is nice and fast and gives you an immediate edge when setting off. The oversized tyres are not afraid of cobbles or tram rails. The solid frame gives you a stable feel.

Complete your pyōra with a front brake, wings, a lock and lighting.

You get:

Steers quickly and directly

Fast through the frenzy

You get:

Drive belt and gear hub

Virtually maintenance-free

You get:

Only available online

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  • Tyres

    Duro H161A 18 x 1.75 (47-355) AV

  • Frame Material


  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Grips


  • Dimensions folded

    74 x 65 x 35 cm (lxhxw)

  • Frame


  • Colour

    Anthracite, Blue, Grass green, Pearl grey, Sand yellow

  • Length

    Length: 190cm

  • Maximum driver weight

    Max weight: 100 kg

  • Wheel size (inch)


  • Pedals

    Folding pedals

  • Brakes

    Rear: coaster brake. Front: caliperbrake (optional)

  • Handlebar stem


  • Lighting


  • Gears

    Single speed

  • Saddle

    Velo Plush

  • Seat post

    Adjustable, non-sprung, 500 mm.

9 reviews for pyōra

  1. Delicious

    Michiel -

    The Pyora is a great bike. Fast, solid, beautiful and relatively light. Only issue is that the saddle sometimes comes loose. I then have to straighten and tighten it again. But otherwise a great buy.

  2. Nice and handy bike

    Ellen (verified owner) -

    After receiving the bike for several months, I am very satisfied. The bike rides super smoothly and is easy to carry in the car and on the train. The colour and design is also super. Smooth delivery in Belgium!

  3. Satisfied

    Arjen (verified owner) -

    I use this bike for commuting. The bike is very light, allowing you to reach high speeds quickly. I am very satisfied with the bike and would like to buy another colour or a newer model in the future. The only disadvantage I find is the bolt/lever for the handlebars. It sometimes vibrates loose on cobbled roads, causing the lever to go down (instead of upright, so that it is fixed). The handlebars will not loosen, this is secured but the lever does vibrate downwards. Under cycling, I now often tighten it a bit. Otherwise, I am very satisfied and recommend this bike to anyone looking for a sporty folding bike (not electric). I also bought a matching light set and luggage carrier, which also look great on it and can be found in Beixo's webshop.

    • adtummers -

      Dear Arjen,
      Thanks for your review. Regarding the handlebar loosening lever: it should then be tightened a little by means of the bolt at the bottom of the clamp. ALs this is properly tightened, the lever cannot come loose.

  4. gear confusion

    andries -

    the description talks about a single speed , and the review praises the automatic gearing system.

    Beixo: On previous version of the pyōra, there was indeed the SRAM automatix gear hub. Unfortunately, SRAM decided to stop production of the hub. Since there is no good alternative, we opted for a single-speed hub for the current pyōra.

  5. Super service

    PNKL -

    Was urgently looking for a folding bike with drive-belt and the Py?ra caught my eye. Got easily in touch with the shop in de Bilt. The colour turned out to be no longer available, but via a dealer it was still arranged. Could be in the shop within a day to pick up the folding bike. Super service from a small company selling quality products with unique techniques and "looks"!

  6. Pyora

    Patrick Peeters -

    Fine little bike that doesn't ride but flies,super fun means of transport

  7. Perfect

    Marcel (verified owner) -

    Super rideable folding bike with drive belt. Lightweight and quick to fold. Nice finish.

  8. Nice bikes

    anonymous -

    We bought two pyoras here, very nice bikes! Very happy with them and they are used a lot

  9. trendy bike

    suzanne -

    I am extremely satisfied with my hip Pyora! I commute with great pleasure on it. It is a very fast little bike that gets a lot of additional attention. The automatic gearing system is nice to use and it saves running a wire (and could get broken on the train). The only thing I still sometimes struggle with is the system of the double safety catch on both frame and handlebars; I can't always get the little catch off straight away. Also, when folded, the package is just a bit less manageable in the train than I hoped (although very small compared to other folding bikes), but that could also be due to my inexperience with folding bikes.
    I liked being able to try out different bikes in De Bilt, where the salesman explained the pros and cons in all honesty.

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