Rinia Fietsen exists 128 years, of which 15 years proud dealer of beixo

Welcome to Rinia Fietsen in Makkum and Harlingen! A renowned company in bicycle sales and repair. The shop in Makkum is now 400m2, making it one of the largest bicycle shops in south-west Friesland. The company found its origins in May 1893 is now the oldest bicycle shop run by the same family, a fact we are very proud of! Since 1 May 2018, we have also opened a second shop in Harlingen. We were also awarded the Court Supplier designation during this period. Ever since Beixo was introduced to the market, Rinia Fietsen has enjoyed selling them from day 1, especially the maintenance-friendly nature of the bikes appeals to many water sports enthusiasts. As a dealer, we are very happy with the good service and after-sales service we receive from Beixo itself; problems are there to be solved should they occur and that is exactly the approach we take in both shops! So, on to the next 15 years of fine cooperation!

You are always welcome to come and visit our beautiful shop and we will be happy to tell you more about all our