Roland van Holten has driven 100,000 beixo kilometres

"I work in metal as a turner/miller. If I remember correctly, I joined beixo through an ad in the Metro. I thought it was an unusual design and fell for the technology: the maintenance of a bike with a cardan shaft is a lot less.

I use my bike for commuting. In the beginning about 25 kilometres a day, later due to my employer's relocation now 35 kilometres. I wanted more gears. First that became an 8-speed Shimano Nexus premium hub, then I also started investigating what other hub would do for even more gears. Rohloff came along, but that was not doable without very big modifications to cardan shaft and frame. That was a real problem. A Shimano Alfine 11 was something that was probably possible in my opinion, you guys at beixo thought otherwise at the time, you had tried it yourself. But as a metalworker, I did have some more options: first I had only made the cassette clutch smaller. This worked but not super, after a few experiments I had it working properly by making a much more far-reaching adjustment to the cassette clutch. Then I ran into a bigger problem: three times the hub, i.e. the outside where the brake disc sits, broke. I then shelved it for quite some time and rebuilt back to 8-speed. After some time, I thought: I need to do something to or with it anyway. I then took the hub completely apart and then started making a new hub housing myself and now with a different brake disc mounting so that it would be sturdier, n this has been working for about 10 years without any problems.

Now about 3.5 years ago, my Slim was also converted to electric and now has about 30,000 kilometres on it. In total, I will have driven about 100,000 kilometres on two Slims.

I would still like to improve the cardan shaft, but am afraid that won't happen again, as conditions have changed quite a bit."