Safe electric cycling for the elderly

Safe electric cycling for the elderly and senior citizens is very topical these days. The electric bike is a godsend for seniors. After all: a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. Whether you cycle alone, or together with your partner or friends: you are nice and active in the open air. Even though you are electrically supported; you are strengthening your heart, lungs and resistance. Cycling makes your limbs and muscles supple. Last but not least, exercise keeps your brain active and therefore younger. Exercise releases a cocktail of happiness chemicals. And - last but not least- you burn calories, so it's also good for the line.

Against all this good news, unfortunately, there is also the reality that the number of road casualties among senior cyclists is increasing. Most accidents happen due to collisions or situations that are actually quite easy to avoid. Therefore, below are some simple tips for seniors so that they too can ride an E-bike safely and securely. 

Choose a safe electric bike

It seems like an open door but safe electric cycling for the elderly naturally starts with choosing the right electric bike. Choose a safe electric bike for the elderly. Ask yourself the following questions:
"Do I fit well on the bike?"
"Isn't the bike too heavy for me?"
"Can I handle the bike?"
"Doesn't the bike get away with me?"
"What am I going to use the bike for?"
Don't be fooled by quick sales pitches or fancy now-or-never offer, but make your choice based on your own experience. Really take a comprehensive test drive. We at beixo have a very diverse 7-kilometre test course plotted. Because in our experience, you really need to try out a bike. Only go ahead and buy when you feel 100% comfortable and safe on the E-bike.

Opt for low entry

Today, due to technical advances and improved design, a women's frame is just as strong as a men's frame. The idea that men should ride a bike with a high frame tube and women on a low frame is therefore completely obsolete. It has long since ceased to be strange for men to ride on a women's frame with lower entry. At beixo, we don't call the low-rise electric folding bike for nothing low instead of ladies. A low-frame bike is safer when getting on and off. And that is when things often go wrong. 

Use a rear-view mirror

folding mirror for electric bicycles

With increased crowding and speed caused by electric bikes, looking carefully around you is essential. Unfortunately, looking over your shoulder when turning or overtaking is not an easy move for everyone. In addition, there is a chance that looking around will cause you to pass. Therefore, consider buying a rear-view mirror. This one gives a much better overview. With minimal head movement, you survey the traffic situation behind you. 

With your feet on the ground  

With your electric bike, it is important that your feet reach the ground well, that you can stand still stably with the bike. This is easy to achieve: put the saddle nice and low. Because the motor does most of the work, your legs don't have to exert as much force. Therefore, the saddle can be lower than you were used to on your old bike. And this has the advantage that if imbalance threatens, you can quickly put one foot on the ground. Therefore: have a cycling position where you can reach the ground with your feet at all times.

Drive off in low gear and with low assistance

When starting off - for example at a traffic light - put both your gears and electric assistance in a low setting and gradually shift up. If you ride off with high assistance or high gears, you might lose control of the bike. And just those first few metres often cause accidents and falls. 

regained confidence to cycle with the beixo compact electra low
Regained confidence

Drive relaxed

An E-bike has a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This is really fast in many cases. Think of a winding road, an obscure situation, wet road surface or autumn leaves. Unfortunately, information processing and thus responsiveness deteriorate with age. This fact, combined with the high speed limit, is really dangerous. 

Less fast cycling is therefore really recommended. A speed of around 20 km/h is much safer. An additional advantage is that you have much more attention to your surroundings on the way. At beixo, we can adjust the maximum speed of your electric bike downwards upon request. We find that this gives a lot of confidence to the rider and that they are much more relaxed on the bike. 

Keep up to date with new traffic rules

Traffic is changing all the time. It gets busier, new forms of transport emerge and traffic rules are changed from time to time. Various refresher courses on safe electric cycling for the elderly can be found on the internet, for example at Safe Traffic Netherlands. The Cycling Association offers 'Cycling parties for the elderly' to. Such a day is not only educational but is also a fun and sociable way to improve your riding skills on an electric bike.