The advantages of a folding bike

A folding bike takes you everywhere: it makes you extremely flexible. You no longer depend on other forms of transport and find your own way around town. Travelling? Take a folding bike with you in your campervan, caravan, plane, train or car and explore faraway places. But these are not the only advantages:

Ideal for travelling

We wrote it above: the advantages of a folding bike make it ideal for travelling. It can travel (folded) for free on trains and buses. So you can easily cover longer distances on public transport and choose the folding bike for shorter pre-and post-travel. 

Going on a city trip

Straight from the train station or airport into town? Then a folding bike is a godsend. You park your car (for free) on the edge of the city and cycle to your hotel. This allows you to explore the city at your own pace and without (high) parking costs. By train, you get off in the heart of the city and your city trip starts the moment you leave the station. But even longer distances in the city are no problem; after all, you are not dependent on public transport or taxis. 

Many European cities have made huge investments in cycle paths in recent years. The level is still not always as high as in the Netherlands, but even in a city like Paris you can now cycle safely and quickly from Eiffel Tower to Montmartre. But Antwerp and Berlin are also becoming increasingly bicycle-friendly.

Healthy and fit

Cycling is healthy. So is cycling on a folding bike. Do you travel a lot by car or public transport? Then the combination with a folding bike is a good idea to still get some exercise. You get more energy and feel fitter and happier Because you move more.

Easy to use

You fold a beixo folding bike in no time at all in and out. After all, this is what a folding bike is all about: mobility, flexibility and comfort. Folding bicycles are specially designed for this purpose and are therefore perfect for travelling. When changing vehicles, the folding bike should be easy to handle and lift, regardless of the type of folding bike.

Afraid your folding bike will be easily stolen? Since a folding bike can be folded up small, it can easily be taken inside. This way, you can greatly reduce the chances of damage and theft.

Stylish and good for the environment

While the folding bike suffered from a corny character in the past, this has changed a lot over the years. The folding bike has become increasingly popular and stylish. Besides being very convenient to use, a modern folding bike is also a nice eye-catcher. Colours, sizes and drive technology: beixo offers several variants. For example, there are several folding bikes and electric folding bicycles. And plenty of matching accessories that make use even more pleasant and comfortable.

Now you know all the advantages of a folding bike. Want to know which beixo folding bike is best for you? Then use our folding bike selector.