Ton's bus driver said with a big smile: you work at beixo!

Ton Funke is doing an internship at beixo: "To arrive at the business you obviously need transport, some of my colleagues come on foot and the other comes by normal city bike.

For me as an intern, I come from a bit further afield and faithfully take the bus from Leusden to Utrecht SciencePark every morning. On the bus, my Pyōra folding bike with belt drive, as this is not a problem with bus operator Syntus. 

Nevertheless, I was recently kindly requested by a driver to carry the bike in a cover from now on, this because the driver was afraid that the upholstery of his bus would get dirty due to a dirty chain from the bike.

What the driver had not yet noticed is that my folding bike has a belt drive and I kindly explained this to him, to which I received the reply with a big smile : "well then I don't think it's a problem" we got into further conversation and told the driver that folding bikes is my job, to which I offered him to take one of our other folding bikes with cardan drive on the bus from now on. To which another big smile appeared on the bus driver's face and said : "you work at Beixo!".

At this, I asked him how he knew and with an even bigger smile proudly told me that he had a Beixo at home.

This was of course why the driver hated having a dirty chain in his bus, once you get used to the cardan axle you don't want anything else!"