The name beixo comes from a contraction of the Portuguese word for drive shaft: 'eixo' and the letter 'b'. You pronounce it as bɛisjo, or beisjo. The 'x' is pronounced 'sj' in Portuguese.

The b has three reasons: first, because at the time beixo was founded was very important to be found. Since Startpagina classified alphabetically, you were therefore ranked nicely high in the results with a b.

Second, the 'b' of Portuguese word 'eixo' in terms of sound makes the word beijo. And that means 'kiss', well sympathetically.

Finally, we suspected - and it turned out to be true - that the 'x' in eixo would be pronounced as 'kz' in Dutch. And then, with beixo, you have the sound of the English word 'bike'.

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