Winter tips for your beixo electric bike

A beixo electric folding bike is virtually maintenance-free and features high-quality, tried-and-tested components. And even though many beixo owners only use their electric folding bike in the summer period, this does not mean that you don't need to do anything to get through the winter well. The bike battery in particular needs extra attention to (continue to) perform well.  

beixo in winter
Even in winter, your beixo deserves attention

Clean your beixo properly in winter

He t seems like an open door. Because a clean electric bike is of course nice all year round, but in winter it is extra important to clean your beixo properly. In the Netherlands, salt is gritted in winter. The combination of salt, snow and dirt is disastrous for your electric bike.

Particularly parts that wear easily, such as the rims and the brake pads are very sensitive to salt deposits. Salt on the rim and blocks acts like sandpaper.

Make sure you never use a pressure washer to clean your electric folding bike or bicycle. The electric parts can't take this very well. The best way to clean your electric bike is to soak it in dishwashing detergent or special bike cleaner.

The bike battery in winter

Of course, you can simply ride your electric bike in the winter months, even when it is freezing. Only the battery less resistant to cold. The colder it gets, the less powerful it becomes. If you are used to being able to get to work and back exactly on a full battery, remember that in freezing temperatures around freezing, you will get up to 30% less far. If necessary, take a charger with you or put a additional charger at work.

If you park your electric bike in the cold, take your battery inside. If you start cycling with a warm battery, the battery will be more powerful and thus you will get further. If you have just cycled in the cold and your battery needs charging, let it warm up within half an hour first. Don't use your beixo in winter? Then don't leave the battery in the camper, boat or caravan in storage. Store this battery indoors and charge it at least every other month. Exposing the battery to cold for longer periods and not charging it can lead to irreparable damage. 

Want to read more about the bike battery during winter? The ANWB has some more tips.

Check your tyres

In winter, snow and sleet often make things very slippery. You naturally want to avoid slipping at all costs, which is why it is important to check the tread of your bicycle tyres check. Drain some air from your bike tyres. Softer tyres are wider at the bottom, offering more grip on the road surface in snow and sleet. You can also consider buying special winter tyres for your e-bike.

Are the lights working?

A low sun, a wet road surface with all those sparkles. Or a grey December day with thick dark clouds. Winter does not make it easier for a motorist to see (electric) cyclists. So make sure you are visible with good lighting. The compact electra's headlight has an indicator that shows when the batteries need replacing. An orange light goes on near the on/off switch tyres. Buy new lighting here.

beixo light set
Replace batteries in time or buy a new set.

Adjust your driving behaviour

The beixo compact electra and crosstown electra are equipped with a front-wheel motor. In normal conditions, these give optimum support and grip. But in slippery conditions, it's better to ride carefully and not too fast, especially when cornering. 

Lower the saddle so you can always reach the ground with your feet if necessary. Look carefully in front of you and at the road surface: if this asphalt glistens, chances are there is a layer of ice. Don't cycle too close to the kerb, as there is often ice or frozen snow there. Stripes on the road can also be extra slippery.

Are all screws and bolts still tight?

Metals expand with heat and shrink with cold. So do bolts and nuts. It makes sense to check whether all bolts and nuts on your electric bike are still tight. If you look at all the bolts and screws anyway, it is best to grease them immediately with Vaseline. This will prevent them from rusting and never coming loose, for example.