How are warranty claims handled?

Beixo believes in its products and will make every effort to keep you satisfied. If you do have a claim, you must report it to your dealer. After finding any defect, you are obliged to immediately stop using the bicycle in question and furthermore to do everything possible to prevent (further) damage.

Download the full beixo warranty conditions here.

garantiebepalingen van beixo.

Electric bikes and moisture

The components of the beixo electra are splash-proof and water resistant enough to suffer a heavy rain shower. However, preferably store your beixo in a dry and covered environment. If your electric bicycle is always outside and / or has to withstand a lot of water, protect the parts as good as possible.

TIP: Use one handlebar cover or a travelbag.

An E-bike display is designed in such a way that a heavy rain shower has no influence. However, when the handlebars are folded down, the display is with the bottom side up. And since the cable enters here, the display is not waterproof as waterproof as the top.

Moisture and / or water damage in the parts are excluded from the warranty.

How does the warranty work?

Beixo gives a full three-year guarantee on the frame and the cardan shaft. We use the standard manufacturer’s warranty on the other parts. This is one year.

For the electric bicycles purchased after January 1, 2016, a warranty period of two years applies to the battery and the other electrical components.

Only the first owner can claim warranty. Wear and moisture are not covered by the warranty. The guarantee expires in the event of incorrect installation of accessories, disassembly of the PTO shaft and improper use such as stunt driving. In the first instance we refer you to your own bicycle repair shop. This can solve 9 out of 10 problems.