Electric bikes and moisture

The components of the beixo electra are splash-proof and water resistant enough to suffer a heavy rain shower. However, preferably store your beixo in a dry and covered environment. If your electric bicycle is always outside and / or has to withstand a lot of water, protect the parts as good as possible.

TIP: Use one handlebar cover or a travelbag.

An E-bike display is designed in such a way that a heavy rain shower has no influence. However, when the handlebars are folded down, the display is with the bottom side up. And since the cable enters here, the display is not waterproof as waterproof as the top.

Moisture and / or water damage in the parts are excluded from the warranty.

How should I maintain my beixo?

Maintenance beixo like any other bike. Except that cleaning, lubricating and tensioning the chain is no longer necessary!
Tip: apply anti-rust spray to the bolts and nuts and regularly spray the entire beixo with silicone spray and rub it out with a cotton cloth. Dirt hardly adheres to silicone, so your beixo stays beautiful longer.
Never use a high pressure spray to clean your bicycle. With this you can damage the electronic parts but also, for example, spray the grease from the bearings.

Are spare parts available?

Yes, most specific beixo parts are available separately through our webshop. Of a kapje for the cardan shaft to a new one zadelpen.

Can a beixo rust?

Beixo is almost entirely made of aluminum and therefore hardly rust. To prevent oxidation, beixo has been treated with a very strong transparent polyurethane lacquer. All bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel. You can use silicone spray to prevent oxidation in the future. Weather conditions and other factors can cause oxidation, for which we are not liable.

How often do I have to lubricate a cardan shaft?

The rear sprockets of the cardan shaft should be properly in the grease. If there is too little fat on the rear sprockets, this will announce itself. The transmission becomes less smooth, you feel a vibration instead of the cardan running smoothly. This is the time to take action.

For greasing, use a grease that puts a nice film over the sprockets. Beixo recommends Shimano ball bearing grease or a similar product. The gray cover must be removed to lubricate the rear sprocket. This can be done by removing the two screws that hold the cover in place. Clean the side of the gear with an old cloth and then apply plenty of new grease. Turn the pedals for a few seconds to distribute the fat well and refit the dust cover.

No maintenance is required on the gears at the bottom bracket. After all, it is a closed system, so that no dirt or moisture enters the bottom bracket.


How do I remove the rear wheel?

With a beixo you can dismantle the rear wheel in no time. The (dis) assembly is very simple and much easier than with a chain bike. After all, you don’t have to remove the chain and tension it again. Let alone that fuss arises with a chain guard.

How does it work?

Loosen the two screws on the dust cover, loosen the wheel nuts, release the brake and the wheel can be removed. Since everything can only fit in one way, replacing it is also child’s play. What is important is that the parts are replaced in the same way. Pay special attention to the order of the rings on the right-hand side before removing the wheel from the bicycle. To maintain a smooth and silent drive, they must be mounted in exactly the same way.

Tip: first tighten the wheel nut on the side of the cardan shaft, this will center the wheel. Only then the wheel nut on the left side of the bike.