About beixo

Beixo stands for cycling as a pure and efficient way to find your path through life.
Regardless of routine, stress and all the things we need.
Beixo cherishes this chainless thought and uses it in its bikes. So no old-fashioned, dirty chain but a clean, innovative and sustainable solution, such as the shaft drive or belt drive system.

Dutch first cardan bicycle brand

Beixo was founded in 2005 in Utrecht. As first Dutch bicycle brand, we chose to replace the old-fashioned chain with alternative drive technologies. Like the shaft drive. But also other techniques have our attention. We work together with a broad network of professionals, in all kinds of areas and in all kinds of different parts. The beixo frame is formed by:

Urban Bike Concepts

Beixo® is a brand of urban bike concepts bv. Started in 2005, with the aim of bringing innovative city bike concepts to the market. Urban Bike Concepts supplies public bike projects. We also support new bicycle concepts, such as Brik Fietsen, CocoMatbike and Cycling our of Poverty.