The mature folding bike

Rides like a regular bicycle

The award winning (Dutch) beixo compact is a true bike compared to other folding bikes. It’s design, geometry and riding qualities are so comfortable you can easily use it for a longer distance. And above all, the compact has no greasy chain but a clean and maintenance low shaft drive.  Fully integrated so no more worries about messing up your trousers.

You get:

Always mobile

Ideal for boat, camper or caravan

Without the dirty bike chain

Clean and sustainable shaft drive

Therefore you don’t use the compact just for commuting, but you will enjoy this folding bike also in your free time. There is a high and a low entry frame available, both with 7 internal gears. Ready for an E-bike? The compact is also available as an electric bike.

You get:


No more dirty hands

Always the right beixo

High or low frame

There are two versions of the beixo compact. The compact high has a traditional high folding frame. Extremely stiff and light-hearted. Are you looking for more comfort, then there is the compact low, with an elegant low entry. The compact is also available in an electrical version.

You get:

There is a beixo for everyone

Low or high entry

You get:

Windy or uphill?

Also electric


  • Entry

    High, Low

  • Luggage carrier

    Included max. 15 kilo

  • Tires

    Continental Contact 20 x 1.75 (47-406) antilek AV

  • Frame Material


  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Handles


  • Colour

    Black, Silver

  • Length

    Length: 1.39 – 1.99 cm

  • Maximum driver weight

    Max weight: 100 kg

  • Pedals

    Folding pedals

  • Brakes

    Promax V-brakes

  • Stem


  • Edition

    Compact Basic, Compact Complete

  • Lighting


  • Gears

    Shimano Nexus® 7sp

  • Wheel size (inch)


  • Saddle

    Velo Plush

  • Seat post

    Adjustable, not resilient, 500 mm.

3 reviews for Beixo Compact

  1. zwaar maar comfortabel

    Benno van Winkel

    We purchased two compacts for our camper. The needs of the customer are carefully considered and the options are explained. The bicycles ride very pleasantly. They are on the heavy side, but the advantage of the shaft drive is so enormous that we take that for granted.

  2. Cardan-expert

    Mariek ten Cate

    I was not familiar with the shaft drive, but now I definitely see the benefits. I was recently at a local market in Italy explaining to a Belgian couple how pleasantly clean and safe it is. I have become a real expert!

  3. Heerlijk fietsen

    Mieke de Jong

    Bought two compacts through Rinia in Makkum, one high and one low. Fit neatly on the aft deck. The bikes provide a lot of attention in the ports, we have already advertised a lot for this great company. We are thinking about making the bikes electric in the long term. But for now we are pedaling ourselves.

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