Beixo Compact Electra

Discover the convenience of the beixo electra

Guaranteed tailwind

The beixo electra combines the convenience of the compact folding bike and the shaft drive with a high quality electrical system. The 20 inch wheels and the large wheelbase provide the bike a very stable ride. With a low entry frame for extra comfort. Both with or without the electric assist mode it rides very smoothly. With a simple press of a button the engine can be switched on and off. Weighing around 21 kilo it is one of the lightest complete electric folding bikes on the market. The electrical system is assembled in the Netherlands, guaranteeing service and quality.

You get:

The world at your feet

No place is unreachable anymore

You get:

Always the wind in your back

Don't be stopped

easy foldable electric bike

The beixo that brings you wherever you want

For both commuters and tourists

The battery is removable so it can be charged anywhere. Taking it out immediately saves lifting two kilos. The range of the standard battery is more than enough for a folding bike ride. Would you like to commute further, then simply choose a larger battery capacity. The beixo electra will bring you to your destination with ease.

You get:

Bad weather?

Nice and quick to the cafe

Clean, innovative and low in maintenance

No hassle with chain lubricant or oil

What makes the compact electricity special is of course the shaft drive. This clean, durable and low-maintenance transmission offers plenty of benefits for a folding bike. The beixo electra is assembled in The Netherlands, this guarantees service and quality.

You get:

Low maintenance

Maintenance-free and sustainable system


  • Entry

    High, Low

  • Colour

    Black, Silver

  • Frame Material


  • Tires

    Continental Contact 20 x 1.75 (47-406) antilek AV

  • Battery

    8,7 Amp – 313 Wh, 11,6 Amp – 418 Wh, 13,6 Amp – 490 Wh

  • Battery removable


  • Range

    316 Wh : 50 – 70 kilometer, 418 Wh : 70 – 90 kilometer, 490 Wh : 90 – 110 kilometer

  • Luggage carrier

    Included max. 15 kilo

  • Electric support

    Up to 25 km/h

  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Handles


  • Dimensions folded

    86 x 65 x 34 cm (lxhxw)

  • Length

    Length: 1.39 – 1.99 cm

  • Maximum driver weight

    Max weight: 100 kg

  • Engine

    36 Volt / 250 Watt Bafang

  • Engine position

    Front wheel

  • Charger

    2 amps per hour

  • Pedals

    Folding pedals

  • Brakes

    Promax V-brakes

  • Sensor


  • Steering display

    LCD Display with 5-position support, walk-assist

  • Stem


  • Lighting

    AXA Sprint voorlamp en een AXA Riff achterlamp

  • Gears

    Shimano Nexus® 7sp

  • Wheel size (inch)


  • Saddle

    Velo Plush

  • Seat post

    Adjustable, not resilient, 500 mm.

5 reviews for Beixo Compact Electra

  1. 5 jaar


    My beixo remains good

  2. Heerlijk en ontspannen


    Nice bike easy to drive, quickly folded, can easily go on bus and tram.
    Very good for cycling considerable distances. When the sun shines I cycle, when it rains I take public transport.

  3. superfiets


    Today after extensive search / comparison, I bought a Beixo electric folding bike through the dealer in Apeldoorn. Both the experience with Beixo itself and the dealer Profile Janssen in Apeldoorn I can be very positive about.

  4. 100% tevreden

    M. van de Maate

    I bought a Beixo folding bike in August 2017 from my dealer. The service is excellent.
    I am still very satisfied with the beautiful bike.

  5. Berg op!

    Christina Torenstra

    What a sturdy motor is on the beixo compact electricity! We used to look a bit up against the mountains of southern Spain, nowadays mountain is a pleasure!

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