Beixo Share

Sleek and classic

A city bike without fuss

You don’t ride the beixo share for yourself. Because of the unisex frame, the beixo share is a bike suitable for everybody. From a distance the share is unmistakably recognizable as a classic Dutch bike, a second look will reveal it’s very contemporary. And there is more: a part of the profit is invested in school bikes for children in developing countries. This is according to the color bike-idea (

You get:

Nothing is too much

The share brings your things home

You get:

Low maintenance

Hardly worry about the cardan shaft

Unmistakably recognisable

A bicycle for everyone

The beixo share is a very well-designed working horse for urban dwellers: easy to take your kids and the groceries. The oversized frame and beautifully spoked wheels make the share completely different from other transport bikes. And together with the rock-solid, low-maintenance shaft drive and the good cause you know you are riding a very special bike. A Beixo has no old-fashioned, greasy chain but an innovative, reliable and clean shaft drive system. No more dirty hands or clothes. A Beixo is strong, compact, and above all: beautiful.

You get:

Not for you alone

A share is there to share

Good feeling

But this transport bike means more: your share gives a schoolchild a bike and therefore a better future. And makes you feel extra good. According to the idea of Colorbike.

You get:

Gives a good feeling

A bicycle for a bicycle


  • Tires

    DURO 28 x 2.0 (50-622) AV

  • Frame Material


  • Weight (Kilograms)


  • Handles


  • Entry


  • Colour


  • Pedals

    Fixed pedals, anti-slip

  • Brakes

    Front: Roller brake, rear: coaster brake

  • Stem


4 reviews for Beixo Share

  1. Beixo Share

    TC Chua

    Very happy and grateful with Mr Ad Tummers for helping me all the way to acquiring this beautiful Beixo Share Bike.

    I received my Bike on the 27th July, 2020 and had it assembled 3 days later. Everything was in order and I m still in the process in getting used to it.

    I even managed to get the Bike with customised Silver colour; thanks to Mr Ad.

    Overall I think this is a great bike and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone

  2. Great bike so far!

    Robert King

    I ordered a Beixo Share and had it shipped to the US. I’m very happy with it so far! The only thing I had to do upon arrival was to adjust the 3-speed transmission setting on the rear hub (minor difficulty because of the orientation of the indicator relative to the shaft interface), but it’s been great since. It is a little heavy carrying up and down steps, but that’s reasonable. The bike is very well made and is low maintenance. The guide provided is excellent, but I would have appreciated the documentation from Shimano included in the box to set up and install the front roller brake. I think I would have ordered the version with higher gearing to go faster, but that’s personal preference.

  3. super


    After getting acquainted with the beixo share during a bicycle tour through Utrecht, one immediately ordered through Tromm in Amsterdam. (H) fair city bike.

  4. fijne stadsfiets

    P. Cuvelier

    Ideal bike for shopping, bringing children to day care center etc. Very strong and tough.

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