The shaft drive

The biggest disadvantage is that you will be questioned about your beixo! In other words, the shaft drive is different, although by no means new.

Exploded view of a modern shaft drive

After all, the basis of the technology used is almost as old as the bicycle itself. The invention of shaft-driven bicycles dates from the end of the nineteenth century. They were extremely popular, because the wide clothing of that time could not get into the chain, with all its consequences. The first shafts were made of cast iron, extremely heavy and with a pretty high resistance. For a long time it was not possible to combine the shaft drive with gears, therefor the system fell out of favor.

The technology has improved, the principle has remained virtually unchanged over the years.

Thanks to modern production techniques nowadays the combination with gears is possible. The efficiency of the system has also improved enormously. The loss of energy – compared to a clean, well-lubricated and tensioned chain – is around 5%. This allows the benefits of this drive (clean, durable, low maintenance and safe) to be fully utilized.

Beixo is using this technology since 2005 and we can rightly say that it is an extremely high-quality and extremely durable drive system.
We provide a three-year warranty. Without any problem.